Botox Results

As we age our skin tends to lose its natural elasticity and starts to droop. Plus when we smile and make certain faces our skin no longer bounces back and starts to stay in the same position as when we made the face. For example, smiles cause crows feet and creases around our mouths. Who knew that being happy could actually cause wrinkles.
Botox can give effective results against wrinkles caused by the action of muscles in the upper face that pinch and crease the skin. It can also be used to plump up the lips to make them appear more youthful. This includes:

  1. Crows feet, caused by the orbicularis oculi muscles around the eyes
  2. Horizontal forehead lines, caused by the frontalis muscles in the forehead
  3. Frown lines between the brows caused by corrugator supercilii and procerus muscles

In addition to wrinkles, many individuals notice that their eyebrows droop with age. This is caused by the deterioration of muscles in the face. Botox can correct this issue by helping the right muscles pull the brows upwards.


Results on Crows Feet From A Botox Treatment

Botox can diminish the appearance of crows feet by relaxing muscles around the eyes. For this Los Angeles patient, even the statically etched lines showed improvement after her treatment. Here are before and after pictures of her Botox results.


Botox was able to give significant results in improving the appearance of crows feet for this patient.


Botox Results on Forehead Wrinkles

Botox is also able to smooth out deep grooves in the forehead that are visible when patients lift their brows.


Prior to her treatment, this patient wanted effective results from Botox for her forehead wrinkles.



Here are the results of Botox on the forehead after the treatment

Before and After Botox Results on Frown Lines Between the Brows

Frown lines are a common certain for many Botox patients. The lines are not only bothersome for aesthetic reasons, they can also make individuals appear angry in the wrong situations. Removing these can not only completely change someones look it can also raise their self esteem.



Images before treatment and results after the injection of Botox for frown lines.


Positive Botox Results From Lifting the Brows

Botox can create wonderful results for patients whose eyebrows have lowered over time. Raising the eyebrows can not only make individuals look younger, but also more refreshed and awake as well. This works wonders for those who are in the entertainment business such as actors and musicians who are paid to look good.


Patient experienced positive results from the overall Botox treatment for wrinkles and eyebrows


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